Crash when hitting the NAV1 button

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Speedbird 273 Heavy

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


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iPhone 6s


Descending into KSAN after flying for 10 hours. Clicked the ILS approach rw27 for NAV1 and right as I clicked on NAV1, app crashed. Sorry if this is a duplicate but I felt like letting know as it crashed when I pushed the NAV1 button.

Hey Luca 👋
Could you please provide us with your build information (eg. 20.02.00 (465)), not just your OS. This can be found in the TestFlight app under “app details”. Thanks :)

Please ensure you’re not deleting parts of the template. We need all available information to accurately understand what is causing this issue. Please resubmit your topic with all necessary information. Thank you.

Items that are missing:

  • steps to repro
  • actual and expected results
  • device model, software version
  • IF build version.