Crash when going to 3rd person view

I can run everything on high except plane graphics. I can only run it on medium. When i select high graphics it crashes when going to 3th person view. Why? Please help me :)

Im using a galaxy note 10.1 and its running on version 4.1.2

Reduce the quality of terrain and water.

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Already tried that, didnt work

So, when i run it on high or extreme high graphics i can only get a cokpit view, and when im going to for example nor al or locked or left wing etc it freezes and after 30s it says that its crashed

Turn off anti aliasing, airport names, set your aircraft to low resolution and its graphics too.

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I had this problem. You have to set quality of aircraft to normal. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for all the replies. But i want to have high airplane graphics. I can run everything without lag so its probably a system fault.

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