Crash Upon Changing Camera

Please can someone help me figure out why my app keeps crashing every time I hot the camera view change? Also it will crash just turning the app on. It happens on my phone, tablet, and computer

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Could you please provide more information such as device specifications?

What device are you using?


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You have a PC version?

Anyway, a quick re-installment of the app should work, and if you haven’t already try a device restart.
Hope this helps!

Also, read this for future knowledge:

Phone is a galaxy the tablet is from Verizon my computer is a Google laptop. Some times I get on and it logs me off back to the home screen on my tablet, my phone does it when I try to change my camera view and the laptop won’t work at all really

There’s a big number of Samsung phones. Could you please tell us which one? Same goes for the tablet.
And what do you mean by “The laptop won’t work”? Currently, there’s no PC version of Infinite Flight.

For us to help you, you need to help us, we cannot accurately gauge a reason as to why your device crashes if we do not know what device you are using. As for your “computer”, this is still a tablet, albeit a glorified one.
After reading that you have a Google tablet, I find it very unlikely that it is related to the device as modern Google tablets are more than capable of handling IF.
If you could provide some model names, I will be more than happy to assist you in a PM.

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A verison tablet is not verry descriptive, and does not sound too powerfull, and some galxies are old, I would assume by google laptop you mean a chromebook that runs google play, IF has sevral problems with theas, and rarely works on chromebooks

Yes it’s the Google chromebook laptop and the phone is a Samsung galaxy express, I have my iPhone 6 that I am going to get back. Since the screen broke I have used this phone a d found this simulator. Does this app work well on iPhone 6? And I don’t know the name of the tablet I believe it’s ellipse is what it’s called and thanks for the replies by the way.

Again, what Samsung Galaxy Express? The normal Galaxy Express doesn’t support the Global update.
For the iPhone 6: According to some friends of mine, yes it does run IF smoothly.

Galaxy express 3 is the phone I have been using

The Galaxy Express 3 is barely enough for Global. How much free storage do you have left?

What on Earth does storage have to do with a camera view.

@Donnie8246 Galaxy Express 3 is old and shouldn’t be used for global. However it is possible if you go to graphics settings and turn everything down to minimum. Restart your device before every flight and try to get your iPhone 6 back soon, it’ll run IF so much better.

Please, research before posting smth. Low storage might cause the app to crash. There has been a lot of such cases.

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I think the reason why IF crashes on your phone/tab is because your devices are pretty old and not really completable with Infinite flight. Also an chrome book doesn’t support a infinite Flight. If you got your iPhone 6 back, you can enjoy the skies without crashing!

Happy Landings! (:

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Hmm. How about we get a moderator, or perhaps someone that knows what they are talking about on the case?
Seeing as you’re using android devices, I should be able to help.
Changing camera view can cause the app to crash, in fact this was noted by the Devs and they advised against rapidly changing camera view, as it uses more of the available processing power and forces extra strain onto low end devices.
A ‘samsung galaxy express 3’ has the bare minimum to run global. Regardless of storage, you should definitely expect the app to freeze and crash. For this to even run, you would need plenty of free storage, and have next to no apps running in the background
The ‘tablet’, we have no information on at all, so I could not conjecture a reason as to why this is also crashing, but I would wager that it’s the same reason as above.
The Google ChromeBook, as I stated above, is a tablet, not a laptop. It just happens to have a keyboard and runs ‘Chrome OS’, Google’s mashup of windows and android. These are not designed to run IF, but their specifications would easily allow it. I recommend not even trying to run it on the ‘laptop’ as the app is not designed to be used on this particular device.

An iPhone 6 will run global, albeit I couldn’t say how well, having never used it for that purpose.

As I said to another member moments ago, for us to help you, you have to help us.


I have the iPhone, everything is running good now thanks everyone! If someone could point me in the direction to learn about the altitude and flaps and all that it’d be a great help

Maybe try lowering your settings?

Check #tutorials for instructions regarding all phases of flight.