Crash twice in a row [Help Pls]

I am not having error issues.

Last 2 flights I did, my app crashed randomly, and when I came back to my device I was in the home screen.

Device: iPad mini 4

1st flight:
Airplane count: None
Anti Aliasing OFF
Limit Frame rate checked

2nd Flight:
Airplane Count: Low
Anti Aliasing OFF
Limit Frame rate checked.

Software: iOS 14 latest version.
IF: 20.2 (Hotfix installed)

1st flight crashed around 8 hours in - shows 00:00 in logbook.

2nd Flight crashed 2/3 hours in

I have 20+ GB Storgae.

I don’t use VPN.

I restart my device before each flight.

Third Party apps:
First Flight: None
Second Flight: IF-A and IF-O

I didn’t have any issues in Beta, or previous versions.

Any way to prevent this or a possible solution?

ANY help is appreciated.

On both occasions my iPad was disconnected to WiFi when it was at the home screen, but i normally have a strong and stable connection…:/

What Aircraft was it in and how old is your I pad. (That seriously was a problem for me like 4 years ago)

How old is your device?
Maybe it’s not capable of handling IF
Especially after such a big update

777 + Old I-pad = disaster by app crashing

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My iPad is 5 years old, but trust me it’s more than capable of handling IF.

I was using a359 and 77W.

Just to let you know, I have done a 45 hour flight with the A359 a couple of months ago. :)

@Aviation2929 I use the B77W on my iPhone 6s and it hasn’t crashed a single time

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That’s my point. My IPad is absouletly fine with 777s. No lag whatsoever. I only had this issue last 2 flights, the exact same thing.

I have been hearing about IF is down but I am mid flight rn and its fine for now

But that was a couple months ago, the updates were big this time and multiple people have the same crashing problem so it’s hard not to rule out that option.
Do you have a second device that you can play the game on?

It’s an iPad mini 4th generation. My iPad is not the issue.

It is your device. 3 years is the recommended age to replace it. The WIFI disconnected at the home screen, sounds like you’ve got a bad receptor. I’m sorry but there is nothing else it could be. Your device probably started dying now, not over the summer. I recommend getting a new device, and hey, you might be able to enjoy high graphics

Oh well whatever :(

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Looks like i wont be able to play Infnite Flight for a while then

I’m sorry. But that is the only thing it could be

Here is a hint. Play it with the older Aircraft, like the 757, do it where there are not a lot of people or on solo. You can still fly, just try to keep them short

I recently ran IF on an iPhone 7, no issues or lag, so a 5 yr old iPad crashing, in my opinion, shouldn’t be happening. I’d expect lag from it, but who knows, I’m not an expert on this in any way lol

Sorry to hear that this has been happening, it gets real frustrating when you have to buy an entirely new device every three years just to use a flight simulator

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That’s my point

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Have you tried rebooting the device,you can then clear cache data. Go to IF settings and try deleting cache data there too.
Also try installing the app again.

What’s annoying is that i literally just spent a lot of money in a 6 month sub