Crash to Dubai

Today I was flying from Heathrow to Dubai and I was over Iraq when I crashed. I was step climbing up to 39,000 feet. I was going at Mach .84 and had 14% fuel remaining which was plenty enough to get me to Dubai. Im wondering what could have caused this. Thanks for the help!


What was your vertical speed, flaps, load, and trim?

Flaps 0 degrees, vertical speed 1000, and trim 50%

50% trim is really excessive, you may have stalled out.


I always use that much, and it was my first real crash.

Check your replay… but if you had a lot of passengers and cargo, climbing at 1000fpm could have been too fast for your weight at that altitude. What plane were you in?

777-200er BA

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As @Thunderbolt asked, what was your load? This could be a very important factor :)

Not 100% sure I know that I was MLW though

*below MLW

Can you please share your replay here if you have it?

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Trim shouldn’t affact AP on most aircraft

Yes, but we should decide once OP shares their replay

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