Crash still persists

Hello all…
I have received a hotfix update of 19.2.2 recently… The problem i’ve faced was a crash when i want to go to replay list taking into that i have an active pro subscription and i’ve already logged in… My phone is iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 12.3.2… The problem is not existing in my iPad Air 3 and the replays are working perfectly…
Would appreciate any useful help…

I suggest you reinstall Infinite Flight on the new update, as updating the app does not provide a “clean slate” for it.

If you have valuable replays you want to save, check out where you can save them.

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I have already done this before this update as i have suffered from the same problem so i’ve lost my replays… I will try do that after this update… Thanks mate

Have just reinstalled the app and logged in to my account with no benefit 😔🤦‍♂️

Does the crash happen when you click “Replays” on the main menu, or when you actually try to watch a replay?

can you provide us with a detailed steps to reproduce list so we can try and reproduce what you are doing so we understand your situation better that would be of great benefit so as we can help more in depth

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the reports. Can you tell us what the language/date settings are on your device?


The crash happens on the main menu when i press REPLAYS, the app immediately crashes

My mobile language is Arabic

Anyone on Android to help me now?

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I did the latest update, then entered the app; tapping on REPLAYS; the app crashes… I reinstalled the app and did a restart to my phone; tried again with no benefit… The app still crashes after tapping on the REPLAYS from the main menu…

You deleted, then reinstalled?

Yes… I deleted it and reinstalled it again and restarted my phone… My iPad’s version working perfectly

im android and have tried everything to try and repro but to no avail on both my Samsung Tab S2 and my Huawei P Smart 2019

I’ll DM you.


Also available, with both iOS and Android devices Laura.

Workaround until we fix would be to change your phone language/locale to something like english/US.

I changed the language to English and it works now perfectly with no crashes👏… But is that the final solution? As i want to get back my phone’s language to its previous one🤔

Of course not:

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