Crash Settings

I don’t think this a duplicate topic I did search but couldn’t find anything. What if like FSX we could have crash settings where u can choose if u want to be crashed when going through another plane. I want this just to add a bit of realism.


That’ll be great

Sure, this would add a lot. We just really need to take care that we eliminate nimrods beforehand otherwise it would be impossible to fly

This should be in Solo mode only, as it takes away realism from the sim

Well there is no possibility to “crash into another plane” in solo mode… So it would be useful in Live

This would be pretty neat but then we would have nimrods crashing into people left right and centre

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It would have to be on the advanced server only because this would be virtually impossible on any other server due to the high amount of crashes and people who are learning and don’t know what they’re doing.


Totally agree


In playground

“Why is everyone stuck in the air?”

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It’s just more trouble than it would be worth. There are more important things to do that improve the flying experience, which is what it’s all about. Personally I wouldn’t want to see it added. Too many pilots would turn it into an aerial demolition derby. Not too mention it’s impossible to keep track of where every aircraft spawning in or out of a parking spot is. :)


I don’t mean you can crash into people. You can choose if when there is an incursion if you want to be crashed. It adds more realism

Or maybe only add it for advanced

But that is exactly what will happen. Plus you can’t have that without being able to track every single aircraft that spawns in or out in precise timing. Then there’s network lag where one users connection reconnects causing their aircraft to change position. It’s just not a option to have this. Too much of a headache with almost no benefit. At least not while there are so many other more important works to be done.

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