Crash Report Screen after Crash(shows deaths, cause of crash etc.)

Currently in infinite flight, after you crash there is just a simple sound at a screen that states in a rather large font “Crash”.

What if you could make so it gave infomation like:

Deaths (according to weight chosen and type of crash, e.g. a steep stall would have 100% fatalities)

Reason of crash(doesn’t have to be to specific, just e.g. speed to low resulting in a stall, which caused the plane to collide with the ground)

Plane type(pretty self explanetory)

Date and length of flight(also pretty self explanetory)

All of this would be summarised at the end of the flight on the crash screen, with a image of the last moment.

This be compiled together in a sort of crash log, which would be viewible similarly like the log feature.

Why do you want to count how many have died in a simulation?

You have the flight time on your logbook.

Until now, the only reason to crash is not pulling out of the stall/nose-diving on purpose.


That’s pretty dark to be honest. This will never happen.


Infinite Flight wasn’t made as a crash simulator and personally I think it would be a waste of time for the developers.

Oh, and welcome to the community forum :)


Ok. I do understand it is not a crash sim but it is someting that I hoped they would add.

I agree with you with the whole “this is dark” thing. It is, knowing how many you killed?


It’s like one of those shooting games but instead of guns the weapons are planes! No, not at all! 😱😨😲🙀🛬🛬☠☠

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The morbid nature of this makes it highly unlikely.


And remember, this is NickChan “Morbid”

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This is more of a Criminal Minds episode than an Air Crash Investigations episode.


Can we close this instead of bumping the topic up?


If we could also add collateral damage including fatalities and injuries to those on the ground, damage to buildings in dollars, environmental impact and the faces of the passengers as the plane hits the ground that would be great. Thank you for making infinite flight the best mobile crash simulator.


Sarcasm much?


MaxSez: I beat you all whipping up on this Topic. My PM/Flag was in the mail the minute this peanut hit the Shute. Talk about “Opinions” Oy Vea…


Send your footage to them IFSB - Infinite Flight Safety Board (Concept)
They would be happy to work it out.

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“IF Safety Board”. LOL!!! It died the death of 1000 cut at birth. Max Sneers!


How do you close a topic?

This sounds like NicKChan #2. Atleast he’s not suggesting “Infinite Crash”

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Only mods and TL4’s can.

As we’ve talked about before, let’s make the Infinite Crash Simulator! Lol, Infinite Flight would need a PC to be able to identify the cause of a crash!

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