Crash problem

This sometimes happens but when I press fly IF crashes and when I go back I have to re-download the plane. I don’t know why this happens but it’s really annoying and I would greatly appreciate your help.

So, just click restore purchases. Cant be that challenging can it?

Please state your device, version, and IF version.

Please follow the guidelines for creating a support request next time. Thanks :) How to make a support request.


I have an iPhone 6s and my IF version is 16.12.0

Try restarting your device, delete and reinstall the app. See if that works.

Happens to me also , not that much of a challenge , but more of annoyance so i can understand the OP frustration :)

Especially the new planes take sooo long to download

Happens a lot to me, when I’m away from home sometimes it can be frustrating because my cell service sucks where I’m at sometimes.


To me it happens often. I choose an airplane and suddenly the app crashes. Then I need to restart the app and the airplane that I choose needs to be downloaded again. I think that it is an IF bug.

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I knew I wasn’t the only one… sadly

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I’ve heard people have been having problems with this.

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