Crash parameters

@philippe @matt what parameters do you use to determine if a plane crashed?

There might be some merit in tightening those criteria (maybe on a per server basis), because I’m seeing many nose-first-900fpm landings where the pilot escapes seemingly uninjured.

More seriously why is this important? Because as many of you know, a good landing starts first and foremost with a good, reasonable approach. Since most of us don’t like ending a nice flight with a crash, I believe it would help improve general behavior (hint hint playground server, or at least advanced server).

This wouldn’t prevent more permissive parameters in solo or free server mode.

What do you think?


plane + ground = crash

Haha I wish it was that simple… I’m also intrigued.

I definitely agree. You can make some pretty hard landings without receiving damage, where in real life you would have totally wrecked your plane.

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