Crash on portrait

Device: Galaxy Tab S7+ (SM-T975N)
Operating system: Android 12 One UI 4.1

When I turn on the app in portrait, the app won’t work.
If this is initial turning on, app is black screen.
If get out of the app to do something and re-enter the app, screen freezes in the ast moment and not working.

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it shouldn’t work in portrait, try it horizontally

But shouldn’t that go landscape mode automatically and run well?

it should, but give it a try

Yeah it works.
But I’m curious why only Infinite Flight crashes in this situation.

I think you have to play IF with horizontal screen !

I think right off the bat, why would you ever consider playing a flight sim in portrait. That’s the equivalent of flying a B777-300ER with a Xbox controller, it doesn’t work.

Second of all, to my knowledge Infinite Flight does not run conventionally in the portrait orientation on a device. At least Apple devices, since I don’t follow Android that often - I believe they are the same requirements.

I mean, why this doesn’t rotate automatically when I started the app in portrait. Not using the app in portrait.

Do you have your rotation locked to only allow for portrait mode?

No, it was free rotation mode.

Works fine on my Galaxy Tab S6 either way. When device is on portrait mode but not locked, IF auto rotates to open in landscape mode. If portrait is locked however, IF is forced to open on portrait and also works even though it’s not intended nor recommend to try especially on the ExpertServer.

Then, what is the problem with my Galaxy Tab S7+?

Undetermined! Too many factors here. The important thing is that it does work on landscape as intended, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about it not working on portrait! :)

The app does not support portrait mode. Please use landscape mode.

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