Crash on landing

Device: iPhone XR
Operating system: IOS 14.6

It’s actually worrying how often my phone crashes (especially after a long haul) on final approach. In the last 10 flights, I think at least half of them crashed on final approach. I pay €11 a month just for half of my flights to crash, it makes it even more frustrating when it happens on final approach. What are you guys gonna do about this?


yes i have seen my game crash more often now. it never did. and its very frustrating that after a long flight it just crashes. I have the same problem although my game doesnt crash that often.



Sorry to hear you’re having issues.
Most of these are simply due to device not being restarted for a long time. We recommend that any flights exceeding 4hrs+ flight time, a device restart should be made.

Additionally, what graphics settings are you using?


Me or the person who made the thread?

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Hi, I also use iPhone XR on max settings and I have no performance issues!
How healthy is your iPhone battery?

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If your battery health is greater than 80% I recommend using this setting

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This definitely kills your battery life fast

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I always restart my phone before and after a flight. I always delete my replays. I’ve been doing this. Everything is on medium, and 30fps.

maybe you should try updating to the latest ios version (ios 16.0.3) that might help

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No the Governor of Ohio.


Hahahha your funny

Infinitr Flight been saying this might help. Been doing that.

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