Crash on high graphics

I can run everything on high except plane graphics. I can only run it on medium. When i select high graphics it crashes when going to 3th person view. Why? Please help me :)

Im using a galaxy note 10.1 and its running on version 4.1.2

If i set it on medium and everything runs very smooth, but i want tk fly in the night and then the lights arent working. Thats why i want high graphics

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Reduce the graphics of the terrain and water. That’s the only way to not have crashes.

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Unfortunately you play in whatever setting are smoothest if not upgrade your device it’s as simple as that, your device simply can’t handle the quality

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Both comments above are ideal to try out ^^ I’ll suggest as swordfish does, lower qualities on terrain and water then max your aircraft. It should allow you do play better.

If you want them all, you’ll need a new device capable of handling them all.

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Even if i set everything low and airplane graphics on high it crashes :/

Perhaps its time for a new device if its a rather old =p

Mine is crashing too, i dont understand it, it has the newest version…


But really dude…your device is to old to handle high quality graphics, you should consider buying a new one…

It’s time to say goodbye to your device(if you want less crashes)

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