Crash on final

Hello everyone. I bought the 9th generation iPad just 6 months ago. And for 2 months, every time I’m on final at any airport, Infinite Flight closes for no reason. So I looked to see if anyone else had this problem and they did. Many said that you had to reinstall Infinite Flight, delete its Replays, clear the cache, restart your iPad or iPhone before each flight. And I did all of that. But I still have this problem. So please help me.

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This is something that certainly shouldn’t be normal with an iPad that new. Have you considered at looking at your graphics settings as prolonged use at high settings would lead to high thermal output which can be a cause for a lot of problems in itself.

Some information on your settings, as well as any background running applications would go a long way to identifying the possible causes of your crash.

My tablet does not heat up much and my graphics are set to “HIGH” for everything but I do not activate Anti-Aliasing. I play at 30FPS and never have a drop (they always stay at 30). So it must be something else.

I was just behind AV-DAN on final after 2 hours of waiting to take off from Amsterdam and land at Heatrow and had this problem again. All those flight hours wasted for nothing and it’s been going on for months! It shouldn’t be that hard to solve this problem!

Hey! I have the exact same iPad, bought 6 months ago aswell! And I also experience app crashes! What I do is set everything I can to LOW during cruise, and use medium for most landings. I also have my airplace count set to MEDIUM.

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Quick question, did this start happening after installing IOS 16?

I also just bought the 9th generation iPad and over the past two days 5 hours into my flight it just exits the app and crashes

And what is your background with computing, coding and developing mobile simulators exactly? I’m asking since you seem to know soo much about this issue. If you believe it “shouldn’t be that hard to solve”, why don’t you go help the team?

All sarcasm aside, If it was that easy to fix they would have already. Perhaps keep the possibility in mind that this issue isn’t caused by IF but something at Apple.

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