Crash on final into Madrid

Device: iPhone 13
Operating System: 15.5

Was on final into Madrid about two mins ago until my screen just went black and came up with the Infinite Flight logo as if I just went onto the app. I’ve never had IF crash on me ever since I started flying in 2019. My graphics are on high, anti aliasing is on and my FPS is on 30, and my airplane count is very high. The newest iPhone so it should be able to handle IF at its maximum graphics and settings. I also restart my device before every flight, clear cache and my storage isn’t that full. My point is, it’s my first time having a crash and I understand how annoying it is for people that have it frequently. Maybe it’s got to do with 22.4?

We’ve had crash issues before 22.4 that’s being investigated. The crash rate have actually gone down with 22.4 :)

What you experienced sound a lot like something failed in iOS and not the app, given that the app automatically restarted. “Normal” app crashes just kills the app, end of story. iOS issues behaves slightly different. Even though i can’t say I’ve heard about what you experienced exactly, it’s similar to other iOS issues I’ve seen.

I wouldn’t be alarmed if i were you :)


Yeahhh, thanks. It was just quite annoying and i’m sure it is for all of us. Got cleared to land and bam I just seen a black screen and my concentrated face trying to capture the ILS turned into a frown 😂. I’ll see if I have anymore experiences, thanks for the reply!

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I recently had major crash issues. Literally almost every flight even with all settings on lowest. But since 22.4 ive had none whatsoever

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Yeahhh that was my first ever crash. The screen just went black and then the logo came up. Was pretty annoyed. Even tho I double check everything to make sure my game runs smooth

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Welp sometimes it also suddenly freeze and the app exit and ur back at ur home screen 🤣🤣🤣

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