Crash on exit flight [#1277]

Able to reproduce.

Device(s): Apple iPhone X
IF Version: 20.02.00 (459)
iOS Version: 14.0.1

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Just completed a flight and no longer having this issue. Slight pause before the stats showed up, but not crash.

iPad Pro 12.9in (2nd edition)
iPad OS 14.0.1
Beta 20.02.00 (461)

Im just arriving to OEJN, i hope the game dont crash lol

No more crashes for me! :D

No longer getting any exit flight crashes here either. Can any Android folks check please?

iPad Pro 11"
iOS 14.0.1

@DIEGO11 What device are you on?

No crashes since updating to latest build.

Google Pixel XL and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Android 10
20.02 (982)

Xiaomi redmi note 8 (Android 9)

Seems to have resolved for me completely with 461.

iPad 6th gen
iPadOS 14.0.1
IF 20.02.00 (461)

Crash after a long-haul flight
iPhone X
IOS 14.0

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Able to reproduce several times, i will try again with the new version.

IPad 7th generation
IPadOS 14.0.1
20.02.00 (459)

was a problem with earlier versions, now working perfectly fine
iPad Pro 2nd generation
iOS 13.6.1
Version 20.02.00 (461,462)

Wasn’t a problem anymore since the last beta was released.

iPad Air 3 2019
IOS 14.0
Beta 20.02.00 (462)

My game just crashed after exiting the flight.
Xiaomi redmi note 8
Android 9
Version 20.02.00 (last update)