Crash on Android

My infinite flight app crashed twice today. First flight I was about to reach KJFK and it crashed. Same day at noon after departing EGLL towards KJFK it crashed after an hour of flight. Why so ? I restarted my device before starting game. Never faced ram issue. Still have more than 2Gb of ram available. Please help me !

Here are some tips to prevent app crashing -

Keep as much unused internal device memory available. 1GB is the recommended amount.

Always close other apps before opening Infinite Flight.

Keep your device fresh by completely restarting device power occasionally.

Disable active add or message blocking apps.
Don’t install unapproved apps.

Don’t modify, “Root”, or “Jailbreak” your device.
Don’t install IAP unlocking apps like Freedom or LuckyPatcher. They won’t work and can cause problems that aren’t supported.

Use a strong WiFi network within a relatively close proximity to your device.

Unplug your modem and WiFi router for about 30 seconds, then plug them back in if online “lag” occurs.

Disable Anti-Aliasing

Lower “Show aircraft count live” setting.

Lower Aircraft or Water graphics setting.


What is the device? It canhave ram but no processor to back it up

(Luckypatcher etc. doesn’t break devices) unless if it is asking for superuser, it highly unlikely that something else is causing this

I am using : LENOVO Z2 PLUS 4Gb Ram/64GbInternal
Processor : Snapdragon 820
I play every game at max settings never faced any issue of lagging or fore close due to ram. Why did IF app crashed even on medium graphics. It’s not a hardware issue I guess. I have my Live plane count to low, I don’t like seeing too much white boxes… And i have 2 GB of ram free which the maximum I could have after optimising. never installed any 3rd party apps. Neither rooted.

With the newer updates, and the increase in quality of the airplanes, The device may not have been able to keep up with the quality. Try disabling anti-aliasing.
I faced the same issue on an android device, and disabling anti-aliasing helped.

It is likely a optimisation problem.
if your Wi-Fi it’s slow, it might crash because it is struggling to load things.

Suggestions: Try not to fly into busy airports with “full settings” on an android device, the memory cannot handle that much FPS on certain devices

  • Also if you are using an android phone (below the S7 and Pixel 2) I recommend turn your graphics all the way to its lowest settings because the devices below the 2 above can barely handle the game

  • Try to download planes that you are going to use. What it does is when you download all the planes, it uses up memory and storage

  • Enable Low Power mode for long flights

  • When on a LONG Haul like you said, I would advise you keep away from the airport (when busy) after a long time of using so many memory, the device can crash from either overheat or to many memory usage (which I would advise to not zoom in on cockpit or zoom out on the cockpit) it decreases the fps on android

  • Don’t mess with the cameras

  • Turn your device brightness all the way down during cruise

These are all what I do so I don’t crash on 9- 10 hour flights. If we knew what caused it Im sure the Moderators would know your best possible solution. Again these are suggestions, not saying they will work, that’s just what I do to prevent crash

Ok, the Lenovo is barely capable of running everything on FULL graphics,I suggest turn your graphics all the way down and make sure limit frame rate is on

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Argh! stole what I was about to say.

I believe your problem is the graphics and running anti aliasing.

Try doing these actions:

  • Turn off anti aliasing.
  • Enable long haul less battery usage.
  • Turn down graphics during cruise.
  • Turn down your brightness.
  • Don’t move your camera frequently.
  • Double check that limited frame rate is enabled.
  • Don’t leave the camera outside the aircraft due to loading in imagery.
  • Keep the camera facing the sky.

Those are the main ways to reduce the risk of the app crashing.

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Thank you guys for the help, The issue is solved. It was the slow internet. Merry Christmas ! 🎁🎄🎅