Crash Mid-Flight

I was doing a flight from KSEA to PJAN and I had just hit my cruising altitude of 33,000 ft. Everything was going smooth, no issues and it just closed. When I reopened the app it was back at the main menu. I looked at the posted support article and I wasn’t using my map. All I did was set my HUD off, check my speed and altitude and about 30 second later it closed. Any ideas? I have an iPhone.

This is likely due to the recent update, these server issues are increasing the events of the app crashing.

Perhaps try reducing your settings to see if that improves things at all.


I will check my settings. I noticed some settings had changed so it may have turned them all back to high. I didn’t think about that! Thank you!! Happy flying.

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Expect to happen this as server is full packed.
Happened to me also on my 12 hr flight.
I was already half way then when I looked it is disconnected due to high volume in the server.

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What I suggest is doing this, it helps with battery and

i just wanted to let you know that i discovered somethings with 20.1 with the battery and stuff.

So, to maintain battery, you should use the charger that was provided when purchasing your device. Because those chargers are made for your device that you use.

Do not unplug your device during flight

When not touching the screen and leaving it alone, you device will start to recharge

Sitting in a dark room with the brightness all the way down allows for great battery saving

Turning on Night Mode with apple helps bring out the details and enhances the quality without draining your battery

this is what i noticed, hope it helps

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