Crash issues

I still have a crash recently. Although there are few
My device is iPad air3

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Hello! What are your graphic settings and airplane count? Was the airport busy at the time that it crashed? Were you on a good internet connection?

It’s u!
Yeah the airport is a little busy and crashes often occur when I switch cameras or someone else’s plane suddenly appears

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Okay, please let me know the rest of the info and i’ll see how I can help:

Any settings is High
Also airplane count
Have a good network

Okay if you were in a busy airport, this could be the problem. Try lowering them to medium. Also do you restart your device before flights?

U mean shut down the iPad and restart it?

Yes, that’s what I mean. :)

Ok I will try really appreciate bro

Okay, no problem. Tag me in this topic and let me know if it works! Remember to set the settings to medium.

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Also, welcome to the IFC!

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Ok hahaha thanks 👍

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