Crash Issues

Hello, today I was going to fly from LAX to DFW to celebrate the Final FNF but when I started taxiing I suddenly crashed. Unfortunately, I tried to fly again but I still crashed. I deleted some apps and restarted my device but nothing would work. Please let me know how I can fix this or if someone is having the same issues. Thanks!

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As it appears you crashed whilst taxiing, I believe it may be an issue with your scenery cache.

Please try clearing your scenery cache from the settings in-app, restart your device and then try again.

Let us know if that works!

Thank you so much, I will try that right now.

No worries, let us know if this solves the issue. Fingers crossed it does!

Thank you so much it worked! I am flying a long-haul tomorrow so that is when the real test is.

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No worries, glad it solved the issue! Enjoy your long haul!

Well my IF crashed when I was on short final sooo I probably will not be flying for a while until I get a new device since mine is like 5 years old. btw this has happened every time when I fly a long haul

I had the same… my app crashed today on final in London City… but i reduced the settings and it works better now…

I set the airplane count from “Very High to High” and it was better and no crash anymore

Thanks for the idea

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