Crash issues samsung tab a?

I having quite alot of issues with infinite flight in using a Samsung tab a and for some reason after about a 1 hour or even when I press the home screen it just go back to the main menu and battery saver is off so I don’t know why its doing this I’ve read profformance and do what it says but still it crash, it should run IF fine since it has 2gb or ram?

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Could you give more information about the tab like how old it is and it’s RAM and ROM both

Its 2019 model, has 2gb ram not sure about rom

2GB should be enough to handle the sim.

When you experienced these issues, were all other apps closed?

Yep I’ve even tried a factory reset but still it crash for some reason

How much storage do you have left

About 20gb left

Odd. Most likely you’re using a low-end tablet without the kinda beef needed to run the sim at high quality.

Try lowering all your graphics settings to low.

I’ve tried the settings at medium but I could try low but its weired since it should run IF fine

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I myself used to use a tab A and it isnt the best tablet for infinite flight, I recommend an upgrade if you can afford it


I’m an Apple person but the Tab A looks like a budget tablet, which should run other, less power-consuming apps fine but Infinite Flight is quite a lot to run for it. Lowering your graphics further should improve performance but I can’t guarantee anything.

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I’ll give it a try if not il just try an upgrade cheers for the help

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My pleasure, if you need any more help feel free to shoot me a PM.

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I have the MI10 it’s 8GB RAM but struggling to cope up with high graphics. I likely feel that it’s your RAM causing this problem
I Could be wrong

I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (Lite). It can be very helpful :)

If you’ve 8GB of RAM and are struggling on high I feel there is an issue with your device. I am currently using a Samsung tab a7 and I can run on all high with some frame drops. (3GB of RAM)

I don’t think it’s the device issue but rather that different companies use different chipsets and processors, While apple can max their chipset capacity, android don’t have that ability (especially phones).
So 8GB ram doesn’t mean very powerful as it can perform only as good as say a 2 GB Apple ram. Tablets on the other hand are built for more heavier usage unlike phones so it should be fine

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