Crash Issues (App)

Hello, I was flying Doha-DFW on the Qatar A350-900 when my IF crashed. Unfortunately, I was somewhere else when this happened and when I got back, the app had crashed 14 hours in to the flight.

iPad 9th Gen
Newest IOS


Hi! I saw many topics like yours and I think that someone is investigating for solve the problem. I advise you to check those topics similar to yours and try to do something like restart before flight, cleare scenery cache and set rendering quality to medium or low. So, after reading my post, check out the other topics, read posts and wait for someone else to give you more advice. I hope I have helped you. Bye!

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Yes its same to me. I made a MUC-HND flight yesterday and today, but unfortunately, in the last two hours of the flight, the game exits the application and everything goes to waste.


Happened to me on final into Toronto after a 9 hour flight. :(


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