Crash Ipad

Crash sim. Expert server.

Operating system:


Please provide more information such as:

Operating System Version:
Infinite Flight Version:
Graphics Settings:

IpadOS 15.5
IF 22.4.1
Crash was on expert server. Cleared cach now, maybe this was the problem?

Do you use max graphics ? Maybe this is the problem, remove 60 FPS if you play with.

Which device do you use?

This seems to be a reoccurring problem with IOS operating systems operating 22.4. I’ve had the same issue a few days ago (game crashing has since stopped now). Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any fix with this issue until the devs take a look at the problem. There is a way for you to atleast lower the chances of the game crashing by lowering the graphic settings to atleast Medium or Low, and by setting your FPS to atleast 30FPS.

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First time I had this problem in 2 months.

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