Crash in LOWI. Help


I was approaching the final approach on LOWI to land on 26 to 9500f with flaps 3, armed spoilers and landing gear down, before the final turn, on an a321. Suddenly the nose began to rise and fall, with the stall very close. I removed the autopilot to try something, but I couldn’t save the plane.
Why did this happen? It is the first time that happens to me. Is it a plane bug or I did some wrong?

Thank you!

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What speed were you going at just before this happened.

145kt with AP

Well that’s a fine approach speed but I have flaps full at 145.


Hi! :) Is it possible to share the replay so we could help out precisely?

Or a screenshot with your HUD and bottom of screen infos just as it was about to happen could do I guess.

My bet is on weight and head wind.

9500 ft, flaps 3, 145 kts? I don’t think they are true statistics to land.

1,906 ft / 581 m Is the altitude of LOWI

I know Austria is higher but still it is not good, 9500-1900= 7500 ft. Flaps 3 and 145 kts?

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this is the approximation to LOWI according to the published STAR

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If so, maybe weather conditions were not able to land that speed? I still cannot believe it. I am shocked.

Hey what STAR were you using, I’ll look into the STAR

Could you share the full replay?

I’ll try! Thank you at all

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Just search in google LOWI STAR and I choose Jeppsen

May I ask if the airport elevation is significantly higher than the rest?

Ok it says be under 9500 a lot further out then your position in the image. You should have been around 5500ish

You were quite past NDB Rottenburg (RTT) at the wrong ALT

Also, when the nose does the up down patterns, it’s an indication that u r getting close to a stall. Your gear should not be down until appropriate speed, altitude, and distance. You were way to high and too far out. That may have been a reason for the stall

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You started to stall because of that and you should retract flaps, spoilers gears and do (almost) full throttle to not fall.

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I had not yet reached the VOR RTT, of this I am sure. After the VOR had to turn 210 ° and keep 9500 before the final approach.
By the way, I think it was going to more than 145kt before this happened.

Ohh my bad, thought that was the final appr for the runway in the pic. I see RTT. Anyways, your gear should not have been down and I don’t think you were supposed to maintain FL095 until final appr