Crash ghost

Good morning, 2 minutes ago I was holding short of runway 16R and I kept on requesting for takeoff for several times and a while the tower asked me to contact the tower frequency and I was already on it, and the moment I realized it’s a crash while leaving the game I got ghosted. I know it’s no one problem but can you please take off the ghost. Because I don’t have the update so I am ghosted right now can someone check it please.

Message the controller at the time the ghosting happened. You should be able to find it on replays.

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How could I message him


Do you know who was the controller that reported you?

Look on your logbook and send him a PM

Yes as stated above, the controller’s name will be in the logbook. Find them on IFC and give them a message :)

@Anthonycolon51 is your controller. Feel free to PM him and he will get to the PM after he finishes controlling. You may also PM @appeals to have the first available moderation member review this ghost and get it sorted out

Due to you not having the update, this is a known issue and the report/ghost will be reversed


His name is Anthony colon51 but I can’t find him

You got your answer by @Balloonchaser

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