Crash during in app purchase

I have an issue when I attempt to buy an online subscription. All three subscription options have an ‘error’ on the buttons you press to buy one, and when I select any of them the game crashes and sends me back to the home screen. I have tried to to reset the game but nothing seems to work. I have an IPhone se iOS 10.3.

Hi there,

Go to your App Store and update your operating system.

Edit: Dush is bored and found an error! Meant to say update the app and operating system 🙄

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ChrisLevet is on the case! No need to worry.

After you update, also log out and relog into your Apple ID, just to be safe.

Thank you so much for your speedy help!


Yep! Chris is always the man to go to for help. He knows this app inside and out! I have to thank you for providing us with your Device and OS in your initial post!

Let us know when you successfully get your subscription and can access the servers. Thanks again, Chris

The Infinite Flight Team has a great support cast. Seb is the Apple guru so he should take a bow. Lol


Have just returned from updating my phone, it still seems to not work. I have also tried resetting my Apple ID.

Which version of Infinite Flight do you have installed? Did you try deleting the app and reinstalling? Also be sure to close all other apps and don’t back out of Infinite Flight once you launch it.

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I have the latest version with the new aircraft. Will try to reinstall later since I bought the game on another Apple ID and will have to sign in and get the game again. Hope this works!

I have tried redownloading the app but it still hasn’t changed. Is there another way I can pay for a subscription another way, like via the App Store?

Would it be worth creating a new google account for IF? Do you think that might help reset the subscriptions?

sadly there is no other way of purchasing a subscription. before the update you were able to buy subscriptions from the infinite flight website but it is no longer available. As for you creating a new google account i would wait until i have more information to as what is causing the problem.

You got a strong internet connection? Seems like it could be connection wise

That might be the issue…

No, I don’t think that’s it. Still after the os updates and rediwnloading of the app it still says error and crashes.

Can you screen record this? Make sure you start fresh by restarting your router, restart your device and ensure that you are meeting all of the memory requirements (have at least 2GB device storage available) by only utilizing Infinite Flight and a screen recorder.

Quick question before you try to screen record, what country is your App Store set for? Go into App Store -> Click on your profile -> Country/Region selected

It is set for Australia.

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