Crash bug

Cubot x11 Android 4.4.2

This is very odd. Is there anyway to reproduce it?

Is there a way to reproduce it?

Most likely latest IF version

I don’t think so it’s very random

I don’t understand how it crashed?

This looks like a bug but please provide a detailed list of steps to reliably reproduce the issue otherwise there is little we can do.

A clear repro in Solo mode is usually best.


I landed the A340 very often with exactly the Same steps before but this time it crashed before Touchdown. (Sorry but I don’t know how to reproduce)
Might it have something to do with my Media Tek MT6592M Chipset I’m experiencing some really weird Bugs with it no one had before for example some Times when I’m in Air (normal Cruise) suddenly Airspeed cuts to 0 ,Groundspeed to over 2000kts and the plane Starts ascending to 100000ft+ here’s a vid of it

Thanks for your support

Maybe the bools for the inflight stats are getting in conflict with some System scripts
Or the Problem is the kingroot application (my Device is rooted (for screenrecordings))

I know what it crashed into. It crashed into an odd group of air molecules that didn’t move and have become solid. Just kidding!

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