Crash/Broken iPhone

I updated today and my phone started to have major problems. It crashed multiple times and went into an endless darkscreen/restart loop. I contacted Apple Support and they couldn’t do anything to fix it without getting a replacement so the device is now unusable. I lost all of my photos, storage related things, etc. I am getting a replacement in a few days but just wanted to make the devs aware of the issue.

iPhone 7 iOS11

This is for Infinite Flight support, this is out of our help

I am just making everyone aware of my issue.

Do it somewhere else. It doesn’t belong here period.

He was only reporting an issue that happened on his phone. It perfectly fine to report things just to inform staff. It helps them a lot.


This happened right after you updated Infinite Flight?

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Once I was able to load into the servers the app crashed. Another time while flying online the phone shut off, and then it got to the point where the phone would shut off, then go to the restart screen, then the black screen, and repeat for a few minutes. I was on the phone with Apple Support for about 2 hours and they weren’t able to fix the issue. I even tried to do a full factory reset on the iPhone but it didn’t work.

I had the same issue on my 6s right after getting iOS 11.0.0 I did everything, mailed it off to ATTs insurance and got a new phone. It’s not.
IFs fault.

IOS 11 is just getting bad reviews everywhere. Im sorry for your loss ( the data on your phone), hopefuly backed it up. @Kevin_Potthast i dont think im going to get IOS 11 now. Ima stay on 10.3.1, i can run IF perfectly. If you have icloud, even the base 5b storage plan, some data should be recovered but sadly its not much.

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And what authority do you hold as to give directives. Give people a sense of respect!


Yea I didn’t have much backed up besides my contacts and notes, was on the 5GB Storage plan for iCloud and had about 70GB worth of content on my iPhone. Definitely stay on 10.3.1.

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This sounds more like an issue with your own device rather than that of IF. You might want to back up your stuff if you can and reset your phone. Then sync the backup to your phone, that way your phone has everything it previously had but is still cleaner. I have an iPhone 7 with iOS 11 and the update works without any issues for me.

Did you try deleting Infinite Flight?

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No, because at the time I wasn’t sure what caused it. Apple already disabled my phone so I can’t go back and try it now. Good point though.

They can do that? Never heard that before.

Yea I was with a normal support agent for about an hour and then nothing was working so they transferred me to what they called a “tier 2” agent. The tier 2 agent had a lot of capabilities as far as working with my device.

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Resolved, replacement device coming