Crash, bang, Wallop

So I’m doing a return flight from KADW-EGVN expert server. Then I got the black floor screen, followed by the crash screen followed by and results screen.
I was at FL280 and at m0.81and in hud view when this happend.Nothing changed regarding ALT, Speed. Iv been at the wheel the whole time during this flight and really can’t understand how this has happened

Hello, and Good Morning!

Did you restart your device and clear your RAM before the flight?

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Hey man, Yep done thst all this morning before I left KADW

What Device are you using?

Samsung galaxy 8 edge plus

The black terrain bug is known to the devs, it is caused by a constraint of resources. A way to solve this is by having stable internet and connection throughout the flight.

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Refer to the topic I provided, it has some helpful information that you can read through to learn more about the problem.

I have a strong fibre optic internet connection

Make sure you have stable internet connection, and I would also recommend reinstalling the app. Black floor can be caused by corrupt terrain files, which is fixed by reinstalling. It sucks, and I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon, but for now reinstalling is the work-around.

I here u on that but why violations

@Dan_Nutter As for your violations, please refer to the post above.

If you received violations due to the glitch, contact Tyler. Violations are not usually reversed, however I believe it is possible if they’re caused by a glitch out of your control.

Thanks for your help guys l. I’ll see what I can do about the voils as that sort of sucks as I done nothing to get them


Dan, did you exit the app at any time during this flight? That means multi tasking, quickly leaving and returning, etc?


Nope had it on airplane mode and no alerts turned on. All other stuff I was doing on my tablet

If you were on airplane mode while flying, you would not have any internet connection to your device, that explains the black floor.

Wi-Fi was turned on 😁😁😁

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If u look at top photo u will see I’m connected

Okay, violations removed this time. Thanks!