Crash at OKBK

Was doing patterns at MLW for practice today on expert when…

I managed to land though… bad guy gone!


Thanks for being a good sport. This is a reminder for all users to please keep the integrity of the expert server in place and to please be thoughtful of not ruining the experience for other users who have put time and effort to respecting the rules of the server


Ugh hate these kinds of people, no respect for others on the server. Hope your flight still went smoothly tho

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Very unfortunate that these people ruin the experience. You’re a good sport though!


It is unfortunate that there isn’t some type of way to counteract people like that, but the attitude is what’s important. Hope all went well after that incident! :)

Oh 😂😂🤭

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I would’ve posted in Humorous Live Photos, but it’s no biggie. You’re all good. 🙂

Gave me a little laugh though! Too bad this was on expert, but props to you for being a good sport about it.


If something like this occurs at an airport with active ATC, we (IFATC) will ghost the user. Unfortunately, when there is no active ATC or anyone with the ability to ghost (staff), very little can be done.

I’m an IFATC too, so I understand. I just wish there was a system that could detect things like this so there wouldn’t need to be a supervisor or IFATC at an airport to serve justice to the people who troll like this. 😔

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@ShaneAviation As do I. Hopefully sometime soon, however I’m not holding my breath. We just have to look at the positives and be thankful for those who do cooperate 😊

Actually a collision detection system is not a bad idea.

Yeah. At least something of that nature.

Well, thanks all for your replies! True, I should have posted this short story in a.preexisting thread (uh oh… ).

Tbh, I never complain about trolls because this is not real life, howewer, from the cockpit view, I really got scared when it happened! I was on my own on the Autocom, so could not expect any risk of encountering any plane 😉!
And yes we actually need a TCAS!