Crash Animations on solo

Right now in IF in solo and live when you crash all you see is a gray screen that says crash, It would be very cool to see realistic crash animations, like if you’re wing clips a mountain parts of the wing fall off dependent on how hard you hit it kind of like BeamNG drive’s crash animations if you know what I mean, no gore, no death number. I would want this to be on solo only though because it would get pretty hectic on live with trolls and stuff like that.

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From what I have seen IF don’t want to add this out of respect for crash victims in real life.

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How the heck does this disrespect them? I don’t mean to be rude but I want to know.

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Check this topic out this has been discussed before

It disrespects them because they have been through this situation in real life and don’t want people to joke around in a simulation of a plane crash.


Well said @Will_W

Also I did ask to close it down as well because of the responses and they do make sense

What???, a load of other simulators have it???

What simulators are you referring to?

It’s there Decision and IF chose not to have it.

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It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Keep in mind there are young children playing this game, as well.

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X-Plane, fsx, even bad ones like real pilot sim, this is the only simulator I have seen that doesn’t have crash animations.

It is true that it can affect people but it is also true that IF do make their own decisions

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How could this turn into a lawsuit.

Exactly. There you have it.


I can confirm that Xplane does not have realistic crash animations. It just bounces your plane off the ground and sets the engines on fire.

Sorry not realistic but they at least have them.

Someone that was possibly involved in an incident can sue for emotional distress.


OH MY GOD you can sue for anything nowadays can’t you??

You know what I will talk about this’s in the PMs, I got off topic.

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