Crash and grade deduction

I flew long haul from klax to eidw and woke up to overspend one crash. My phone was not next to me. I was grade 3 and now grade 1 pls help

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Your violations will not be removed considering that there was no issue/glitch with the system.
A mod can look into them if you desire, but as said above it is unlikely that they will be removed.
Please see here for more information:

Your grade will restore in 7 days considering you still meet all other requirements.


I was at fl300 30000 and I was at m.89 I was step climbing

M.89 is way too fast and u may have climbed too much too fast and stalled

Do what is mentioned above

The fuel remaining was white

That’s quite fast. You may have also climbed too high too fast, causing the plane to stall and subsequently crash.

2000 fpm climb

Violations are only removed in the cases where a technical issue with the app were determined to be the cause.