Crash after 3 seconds

Hello! (Sry for my bad english) So i bought today IF on my Iphone 4s and i have 2 GB free so i started and after 3 seconds the Game crash? Why? I restard my phone, I deleted the game and install it new and so on… Can anyone help me pls?

Probably because it is an old phone. It can do that sometimes.

Also i can do nothing? :c

Talk to the developers, did you in anyway pirate the app?

What is your operating system?

Ios 9 :c with 16 GB

I cant open the game !! When i start it it crash after 2 seconds!!

Ok so the good news is that infinite flight is compatable with your phone then. It could be your wifi if you do not have a good connection. Try using cellular to open infinite flight.

Ok i will try it

unfortunately it has brought nothing

Reset your iPhone. Power it all the way off. Wait for it to turn off. Then turn it back on. Do this by holding the power button until there is a notification that says slide to power off.

I strongly advise you to buy a new phone since IF needs a lot power to work!! But I say… First close all your apps and then hold the on and off bottom for a good 10sec and a notification will come up saying" swipe to close your device" something along those line… Then turn it back on and it should crash, if it dosnt… Buy a new phone !!

Does Infinite Flight work?

No :( i do everything but nothing works

I suggest contacting a dev like Matt or Phillipe. If you can get a better device. The iPhone 4S isn’t really up to the task anymore.


Okay. Thx you

I strongly advise you to get an(APPLE) device! From iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone, IF will work perfectly and iPad any from the ipad2 to the latest will work for IF! No one android device is good for IF! Apple yeah good. Android no not gord

If the iPhone 4s can’t handle it, I may need to prepare for when the 5 goes obsolete! 😱