Crash after 22.1 hotfix


I came across an issue while trying to depart from KLAX to KSEA just a bit ago. My app crashed. It actually happened twice. The first time was pretty much right after spawning and the second time was on climb when I retracted flaps from 10 to 5 on Alaska 739. I had the same crash issue after 22.1 came out.

I use a pretty old iPad so iOs.

Could someone help me with this or fix it? I would really like to fly but can’t because of the crashes.


Since you told in your topic that use an old iPad, then i recommend you to switch your graphic settings down to low!

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I’ve used medium all the time and it hasn’t crashed before 22.1

I just realised that this is talked about in the FAQ.😅 This can be closed if needed

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