Crash/Account not found when signing in

Why is it that when I try to go online it crashes or says account not found and I just purchased the game! I saw this has still been a issue since may. I really want to go online I don’t wanna hear that I have to refund. This has been my dream game for a long time only to find out there’s problems. Please help. Also when I fly overseas in solo my engines die and stall, till it crashes.

Well firstly, you are not allowed to fly out of regions for right now or else the aircraft functions will shut down. You will need to wait for the next update for that feature and please, Don’t ask when it is :)

  1. You’re not supposed to go out of the region.
  2. Just restart your device

If all else fails, delete and re-download

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Are you on the latest version of IF?


In order to fly online you need to sign in with either Facebook or Google like you mentioned. However, in order to utilize the multiplayer functions within Infinite Flight, you will need to purchase a subscription. This is either a monthly or annual subscription. You can choose whatever suits you the best.

As for the engine cut you are expierencing, you are currently trying to fly out of a region. If you’re not aware already, Infinite Flight has been working diligently on something called Global, where you’ll be able to fly wherever you please. But in the mean time, you’ll have to remain in the area that you selected when you launched your flight. Hope this helps! 😊

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Ok thanks I will wait for a update

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So basicly I spent money on this game for nothing…?

No, you’re still welcome to utilize everything the app has to offer in Solo. Nobody is forcing you to purchase Live, even if you’re missing out on a great experience not doing so.


Are you getting an option to select “I already have an account?” Maybe provide a Screenshot so we can better assist you to get you flying as soon as possible :) You have purchased the Subscription already?

But the main reason that I bought it was for multiplayer.

Heavens no. There’s the initial cost to purchase the app. And on top of that, if you decide to fly online with others, there’s an additional cost like I mentioned. You’re not required to fly on the multiplayer aspect within Infinite Flight. Some folks are content with the solo mode. It’s all your preference.


Is there any other way to join multiplayer? If not I guess that I should have not bought this. It appeared multiplayer is free but the game itself cost money

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No, there isn’t i’m afraid.

I don’t know what device you have, but looking at the description in iOS App Store it clearly states Live (Multiplayer) is a paid add-on.


No. Multiplayer costs $5 or $50. If you wish to play multiplayer, then I recommend buy the subscription.

No. This is how the purchases work…

  • $4.99 For the Main App which includes some aircraft and regions on Solo Mode

  • $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year for Live which is Multiplayer (Note with the $49.99 Plan, you get all regions and Planes- Highly recommended)

  • Then I believe extra Aircraft and regions range from $2.99 to $4.99


I got it off of google play. And infinite flight tracker looked like no add on purchase was needed

That’s why you read the app description before you download

Infinite Flight Tracker is a completely different app not directly affiliated with Infinite Flight.

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On google play I dont remember reading anythin like that.

It does. I just checked :)