Crane crashes a defunct A320 into the ground

It’s terrifying indeed


you think thats bad?

Look at our generation


Wow. Pretty scary.

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I thought it happened to a B787 and I was just like really! Then I clicked the link and it was a defunct plane, thank goodness


They should plan what they’re going to do next time. Take the aircraft in parts instead. This is what they wrote in the article: "Though the hull landed on the ground it can be used for training purpose as planned initially.” - It’s like they are going to use it for training purposes when it’s lying in the middle of the road still. At least there was no casualties and it is a defunct aircraft.

The aircraft shown at the top of the page was misleading, a B787 instead of an A320


Same here. So Lucky it happened to a defunct plane

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Is this the way Air India trains its pilots for a nose heavy landing 😂😂😂


Funnily enough I believe this aircraft was about to be used for training except it was supposed to be for cabin crew training.

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