Cramped Knees Flyout! @KATL - 261700ZJAN19

Hello everybody!
I will be attempting to host my first large-scale event, so we’ll see how it goes…

Anyways, this event will be only for CRJ aircraft. CRJs are infamous for their cramped cabins with small seats and little legroom. I don’t mind them as much as others might, but I would definitely prefer an 737 to a CRJ.

The Route Has Been Announced!
It will be: KATL-KMCO!

Essential Info

Server: Training

Airport: To be decided


Aircraft: Any CRJ family aircraft

Livery: Any livery

Time: 2019-01-26T17:00:00Z2019-01-26T18:30:00Z

Attending (If you are interested in joining, please provide the following:

Quick Notes

  • I really hope this can work, so please act civilized and do not ruin the event for everybody!
  • Stick around for some screenshots after the flight!
  • This event is on the TS1 to make sure that more people are able to join.

I think you should have a flight from KSJC 😁 but I will definitely try to join depending on the flights

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Watch @BigBert10 get mad about KSFO.

KDEN has LOTS of interesting CRJ routes, so I would suggest that.

I think that you have some great options there @HiFlyer, but YMML nor YSSY has any CRJ flights to my knowledge. I’m voting for KLAX-KSFO.

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There are no CRJs operating KLAX-KSFO


But there is a Crj operating KSJC-CYVR and KSJC-KDEN Hint Hint

I would also just suggest doing a special Crj flight rather than normal ones, for example, a few of the longest Crj flights are CYYC-KIAH, CYVR-KDFW, and CYVR-KORD in the AC CRJ900, or one of the shortest but it is up to you… Just a suggestion


Sweet! what day and time?

@Kacey I am aware, but I chose this route for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to include an Australian option
  2. I need airports with lots of gate capacity and multiple runways
    @BigBert10 ^ #2
    @Gemini_Bros_4life look in the description. There is a date and time included in it.
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KSJC has A LOT of GA gates and 30 commercial gates
We also have cargo gates

We also have 2 runways

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OK, fine.
I’ll do it for your sake, but you better show up then!
@GlobalFlyer1 ^

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Hopefully nothing comes in the way…

Let’s see what routes are chosen


You could possibly do CYYC - KIAH, pretty sure one of the longest CRJ routes, although I’m not sure if CYYC has a lot of gates.

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Sorry but I am no longer taking any suggestions. However, you can now sign up, registration is open!

I will sign up for a gate wherever. See you there!

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I already said that above as a suggestion : )

Woah woah woah
We have plenty of gates

This event looks cool!
After the poll is finished I will decide if I want to come or no

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Oh, I didn’t see that my bad 🤗

I will sign you up @Luke_Sta!

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@AviationGaming @WestJet737767 @GlobalFlyer1 @BigBert10 @Gemini_Bros_4life @Kacey @Joseph_Krol
Any of y’all interested in joining the flight?


Maybe, depends if I’m available that day