Craig_Scotts ATC Tracking Thread @ EGSS (Closed)

Would love it if some of you come by to help practice being ATC.

Thank you

I would recommend you use a tracking thread for all of your ATC activity. Just change the title of the topic when you are open or closed at a specific airport. Examples:

[OPEN] Reese’s ATC @ KSAN
[CLOSED] Reese’s ATC

This keeps #atc cleaner and more organized.

I edited the title for you, now just put in brackets the airport ICAO you are open at and there ya go, you’ve got a tracking thread!


Craig_sott’s ATC Tracking Thread (Open @ICAO)

Please stick with one thread. I closed the other one that you had created 11 days ago. Just edit the title of this topic and update your ATC locations / status / and any information that others may find useful by replying to this topic. Thanks, best of luck, and have fun!


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