Craic at the Caribbean

Having so much fun at the Caribean on Advanced. Gonna show off some screenshots, but first, I want to say thank you to all IFATC controllers for all the stress you undergo to make our flying all the better.

A massive amount of aircraft, including me, awaiting departure at TFFR. A few minutes before I took this one, there was even more aircraft.

A really nice Caribbean Airlines B738 back taxiing runway 12

House party!!!

Flying at close proximity to the mountains south of TFFR.

It is a great feeling when a ton of aircraft go to one airspace on Advanced. I see so much community members and people I know, there is loads of aircraft AND ATC that aren’t nimrods cough cough Playground cough cough


I would be there right now… But I don’t have the Caribbean… :|

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I was there but there wasn’t tower for TNCM so not so many people were there.

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I flew there 10mins ago. Great ATC and amazing approach ATC at TNCM. Thanks

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I’d be there too. If I hadn’t taken a flight in the Seattle region this morning.

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I enter that region and as soon as I saw that many airplanes I left, lol. I went to South Florida and flew an hour and half trip around the coast all alone :)

This is a flight simulator. Realism, dude! Pilots IRL don’t run out of the cockpit all because it will take half an hour to takeoff. They’re called DELAYS.


Dude !! I know is a flight simulator and I know is realism, take it easy. I’d waited many many times before when I play, I just didn’t felt like waiting that long this time. Thats all.

I feel your pain, just staring at the Caribbean on Advanced looking at how many people and ATC are online…

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Carribean has loads of back taxis as a result we can only get one or two departures out at a time. People also take so long to back taxi.


No criticism intended. Just telling you.

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