Crafty CRJs - Saturday Night Patterns @ FMMI 092100ZJUN18

Hey everyone! For those that weren’t at the last SNP, here’s the info. Every Saturday night, someone (could be more than one person) from my group, the ATC Event Group, will control the airport, while the rest do touch-and-goes.

Last week, we were at KICT. This week, we head over to Madagascar for patterns! FMMI has one runway, and is located in Africa. Hope to see you there!

Server: Training

Region: Madagascar, Africa

Airport: FMMI

Time: June 9th, 2018, 2100Z

NOTAM: ATC will be open from 2100Z to 2200Z. Feel free to stop by and do some touch-and-goes. Please only use the Bombardier CRJ-700 or CRJ-200

  1. @Trio
  2. @Kate_Russell
  3. @Cbro4 (TBD)
  4. @Trevor_A (ATC)
  5. @CaptAC
  6. @Jan_Sd
  7. @Ieuan_Evans (ATC)
  8. @CraftyCat05
  9. @Jacob_Sim
  10. @Bajisa
  11. @JustflyM15
  12. @Harrison_Allen
  13. @Playr_Mar

Brought to you by the ATC Event Group image



TWR: @Trevor_A
APP: @Ieuan_Evans (if needed)
Not Assigned: @CaptAC

You must be an ATC Event Group member to control a frequency. Join the team!

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Love the name ;)
Sign me up? Should I be making a post for this?

pls dnt ban mi

I signed you up. :)

You’re fine to sign up and join in the fun!

Can i be a stand by or can u get me a gate thnx

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so is the event full or, is there another gate left?

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It’s not full, and you can still join. 🙂

Just a note, if it gets crazy we’ll switch to radar patterns.

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what is a radar pattern (sorry if its a dumb question)?

Not a dumb question at all!

A radar pattern is similar to a pattern controlled by Tower, but is different because approach will be vectoring you. You’ll take off, Tower will hand you off to approach, you request an ILS approach, GPS approach, Visual approach or Radar Vectors. Then approach will hand you back off to Tower once they cleared you, you call in “inbound on the ILS for touch and go” for example, do a touch and go, and then repeat. Take off, request to approach, clear, request to tower, touch and go, repeat.

When handed off to Tower click “Call inbound” then click “Touch & Go”.

We will only be doing radar patterns if it is necessary, so if you’re handed off to approach at any point then refer to the above information on how to conuct yourself. It is very important you listen to all instructions so we can all have an enjoyable time, and the controllers can learn something in the process! 🙂

ok ok thanks, i didn’t know there were different types of patterns until today, so thanks

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Hi, I’d love to join in - CRJ 700 for me please


Is there still room to join? I’ll fly the 200. Do I get a gate or show up?

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No gates, anyone can show up at any time! 🙂

Ok, we’ll sign me up then. I loved the 200. It’ll outfly that 700. Watch!!!

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Sorry, I can’t come anymore


Use this as a reference while flying today!

Credit: Infinite Flight Youtube Channel


Ill be in attendance!

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I will be there in 15 minutes

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There is no ground, so please carefully taxi to Runway 11.

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