CR3W's ATC Tracking Thread

Hey IFC!

I’ve Passed my Written test at 88% and I’m getting ready for my Practical! :D

Server: TS1
Time: 5:37 PM AST - 6:00 PM AST
Open Hour(s): 23 Minutes
Airport: KSSC
Service(s) Open: T&G



Thanks for checking!

Make sure to set my Topic to “Watching” so you never miss when I’m open!

Can’t wait to see you in the skies! ;)


Congrats CR3W! I’m glad you passed.

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Open for my IFATC Practical in 1HR! Come join and help a fellow out ;)

KSSC T&G open!

Unable to come but good luck!

Congrats on passing your written test! Good luck on your practical.


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Thank you so much! Cant wait to Control on the Expert for you! :)

Nice controlling! All the best fella, look forward to hearing how you get on, fingers crossed 🤞

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Thanks, Swiss! My fingers are crossed too ;)

I got to fly one pattern with you in the CRJ900. Great job, I am sorry I could not stick around longer. Good luck!

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Thanks man! Hope you enjoyed it, and cant wait to control for you again soon ;)

You still at KSSC? Just shows unicom for me.

I’m not, doing Practical now.

OK, thanks! Wasn’t sure you wanted extra traffic at KSSC. Rock it!

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I would just like to first of all say thanks for coming to my sessions over the summer… I had a BLAST!

Thanks to your help, support and feedback, I am now IFATC!

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(Sorry Seb 😜)

I can’t wait to control for you all on the Expert 🤗


Congrats! Now go open something.