CR3W’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Hey everyone!

I’ve started my radar training for IFATC yesterday, so far I’ve done ILS and VIS approaches. RVs are straight forward so we’ll add that to the list.

notice: I’m on my iPad and not my Mac so this topic is kinda ugly lol. Tomorrow I’ll work on it and make it pretty 👁👅👁

Thread approved by Tomthetank and @Guxk.

Feedback is always welcome, any serious inquires can be directed to my trainer, @Guxk.


I will join another day. Just tag me. I can’t make it rn sorry. But tag me in the future and I will be sure to join

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Same for me. I can’t join right now. But, you can tag me next time!

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I was about to call inbound but you’ve closed :(
Do tag me next time :) will try to drop by when free :)

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Yea sorry about that aha. The wifi started acting up so I kept disconnecting and connecting so I just went to bed.

I’ll be open later today I’ll say so I’ll tag the three of you then. :)

KAPA app is open again! Come on by. Accepted approaches are listed in the OP.

(@MJP_27, @Anthony_Morgan, @CPT_Colorado)

How long will you be open for?

Probably the next half an hour to an hour

If your open longe enough for me to get done with diner and for me to get home I will stop bye

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Ok. I’ll stop by in about 20 minutes

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Aww man.

I missed it. Sorry for not coming.

You can tag me next time and I’ll be there!

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Open again at YSCB :)


Open again at CYVR! Come on out

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CYVR App is open, all approaches accepted and procedures allowed

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Hey all!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve opened, but today, I finally passed my Radar Practical test! :)

Thanks to anyone and everyone who came. I hope to see some of you in the skies soon


Congratulations and welcome to the team!