CPU stationary planes

Hello everyone, have you ever thought of CPU in Infinite flight. I thought it would be cool if Airports were more full. What if there were planes that were always there and just sat there to fill up the airport. What do you think?

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They had thoughts for this but it would just be to much for most devices to render it all.

Interesting idea… May cause rendering and lag issues. It would also be odd for when you spawn in. Would the gates with CPU’s be blocked?

I guess when you select your gate they’ll go away and not block it

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Maybe you should request that idea!

I’d imagine this would take a huge toll on performance.


The OP is TL1 and can’t request features. :)


Exactly. My phone barley runs right with 15 aircraft at a airport.

There’s a feature request for this, with users backing it! Go give it your votes so hopefully we may see this implemented some day! :)