CptMats’ ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EDDM

I‘m gonna respond as I finish my session! Thanks for the feedback so far! :)

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Nice flying with u guys @IFC CAPTION PURNELL was me had to fly out with Alaska to @KLGB

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Hey there,

There is no need to give us a pattern entry, after we were already instructed to make right traffic. Although, sequencing was good!

You said to someone “make a left 360” because he was too close to the aircraft ahead (on final) but you should say “go around make left traffic” and give him a clearance after he made left traffic. His callsign was something with DWS.

You gave me the “exit runway” too early. This should be when an aircraft is below 70kt.

Good luck with practicing.


First of all thank you to everyone who flew by today, I had a really nice session. First time I had more than two planes in my pattern, tried to keep everything running and nail the sequences.


Hey, overall you did pretty good :)

  • You were giving pattern entry instructions when you should have just been giving sequences… meaning you were saying, “enter left downwind RWY12L, number 2 traffic to follow is on left base” when it should have just been “number 2 behind the traffic on left base”

  • transition altitude of 3500 was to high, rule of thumb is airport elevation plus 2500ft, so since ksjc is like 63ft, 2500ft would work


  • For remaining in the pattern- after takeoff, give a sequence (if needed), Then give a clearance for the option

  • If someone Is coming from outside your airspace to land- give a pattern entry, sequence if needed, then give a clearance to land

  • If remaining in the pattern and they request a RWY change OR comming from outside your airspace for a touch and go- ALWAYS give a pattern entry for the new RWY, give a sequence IF NEEDED, then ALWAYS give a clearance for option making left or right traffic


Really good job :) just minor issues


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Unfortunately missed some rwy exit commands today, have been busy with the sequencing. I’ll try to get it on point next time. :)


I‘m so sorry that I forgot about you that often, wasn’t on purpose. :(
As mentioned, first time for me to have so many planes in my pattern, forgot about a couple of things today. I’ll definitely try to get better and manage to set you up earlier.


Ok gotcha, pattern entry for new aircraft entering airspace and rwy changes, sequence for aircraft doing touch and goes on the same rwy.

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Yep, had a little issue with him. Seemed like he wasn’t too familiar with ATC instructions and he flew as fast as he could. Got a little confused at that moment.


Hi Mat, thnx for the good service at KSJC. Beside the other things said above great job! When I was over shooting rwy 12R, you gave the new command “check rwy assignment…” and was happily surprised! Just anticipate a little more and you’ll get there. Happy Controlling! OO-LXV


Hey @Mats, thanks for servicing SJC :D
You are all the way in Germany, so I would expect you to service an area like SFO or LAX but you are servicing SJC, so I really appreciate it :)
Even though I couldn’t come because I was at school, it warms my heart to see someone all the way in Germany recognizing SJC and controlling there


You can’t control those inexperienced SFO TS ATC controllers
You are at SJC, so it is best to just stick with SJC controllers

Basically you are saying that people can’t open up SJC for ATC because SFO is right there but we can’t let SFO have all the attention ;)


I‘m opening at KSJC once again. Please ignore trolls if they show up. Looking forward to see you there! :)

Rwy 12L/12R in use

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@Mats ich muss mal mit dir üben :p

I have to train with you because we are both from Germany (lower saxony) so i could learn from you, when i am home i might come and do some pattern

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Open at EDDM now. Fly-by for patterns appreciated! :)

Hi @Mats, I was 9V-RAI earlier. Overall good job, didn’t see any major mistakes, but here are some tips for you.

After i re-tookoff after a touch and go, you immediately gave clearance for the option. I’d advise you to give clearance when the plane is on downwind. For the tomjet who was inbound, you should just give him pattern entry because he’s too far out to give him sequencing and who to follow as when he gets closer the situation would change.

Besides that good job on the transition, pattern entries and timely runway exit. Hope to see you in IFATC in the near future:)

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Thanks for the feedback @Raidon23! I try to eliminate the minor mistakes in the future and look forward to join IFATC. :)

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