CptMats’ ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EDDM

Now open at EDDM. Feel free to stop by and fly some patterns! :)

I‘m open once again at EDDM. Stopping by for some patterns is much appreciated as well as some feedback afterwards. See you there. :)

Still open :)

Hi, i was with the callsign N739EC. Below are listed some of my observations:

  • Ground commands were good!

  • It was possible to directly give the TBM clearance for takeoff once I was airborne.

  • Lastly, there wasn’t any sequencing. It may be advisable to see the tutorial below:

In addition to the manual:

Hope this was helpful!

At first: thanks for the feedback, glad you stopped by! :)

Have seen all tutorials available and read the manual multiple times. I did sequence you with the t/o command but I wasn’t exactly sure if I should sequence the Number 2 to Number 1 bc I couldn’t find „Number 1“ in the sequence commands. Should I clear the Number 2 twice when Number 1 landed to give him Number 1?

Since the person Number 1 doesn’t need to follow anyone, you don’t need tog vid them sequencing. You can simply clear them (with pattern entry if applicable). Sequencing tells the plane who to follow, so if someone in 3rd in line, then you would sequence them as such.

Okay, then I may ask @Jet_Airways_995 what you mean by no sequencing bc there were only two planes in the pattern and I cleared them for the option with „Number 2“.

You should have sequenced the second plane then as number 2. The first will never need a sequence, the second always will.

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Just as an example, in the below picture, the appropriate sequence for my aircraft would be “Number two, traffic to follow is on left base”, then clear :)

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I‘m controlling at KSJC now, stopping by much appreciated! :)

I‘m going to focus on sequencing in this session so two or more aircraft in the pattern would be nice.

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Stopping by *Olympic 1*

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Love how you are giving SJC some life right now! :D

I’d come but I’m at school

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Are you gonna be open any longer?

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Still there yep :)


I’ll stop by for a pattern or two.

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Cactus 414 here,

From my sight everything was good, expect one thing. The pushback clearence for the test flight came too early, he would have crashed into me if he started pushback directly.

Have a nice training!

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I was Olympic 1. Good job out there. Just a few things:

  1. Next time pick a airport that’s not next to a major airport like KSFO. They kept on guarding me lol it was really annoying not your fault of course.

  2. On the runway change you almost forgot to clear me for the option I had to report I was on final. Try issuing your sequencing & clearing alot sooner.

  3. When I landed you forgot to give exit runway command. The Exit Runway command should be given once the aircraft is at a safe and controlled speed usually less than 70kts.

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Everything was good. On the last one, it was my fault, because I forgot to say my position.

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Overall, you did good, but I have a few things to point out.

You never cleared me to land, so that is why I kept going around.

You also forgot to give me the exit runway command.

Other than that, good sequencing, and great job. 👍


Arriving in 47 minutes but I hope I can make it :)

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