CptJimmy ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)

I made this thread to receive feedback on my ATC controlling, it is open for everyone and all comments are welcome!

The post will say “Open - Insert Airport Name” then “Edit: Closed”.

OPEN at KSFO. Tower ATC.

How long do you plan on being open?

About 45 minutes. There’s a good amount of traffic.

Do you accept patternwork? If so I shall stop by in a few (CSA31NT)

Yes I do accept patternwork.

Sorry, connection is rubbish, and flying while the internet’s so bad isn’t good for me not you. Will come out next time 😉

Hahah indeed. No problem, thanks for coming!

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Change of ATC from KSFO to KLAX. Estimated time: 15 minutes. No patternworks.

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OPEN at KLAX. Tower ATC. Estimated time of controlling: 15 minutes.
Patternwork NOT accepted at this time


Closed. ---------------

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