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We don’t talk about that. It was a good approach, just too fast.

ok, I will never mention that again

You don’t need a pattern entry as I have been in the pattern for a while, all I need is landing clearance.

Postflight Remarks

So with this session, I have highlighted a few issues;

  1. You didn’t respond to two of my original inbound calls

  2. You did not highlight a traffic direction when clearing me for the option

  3. You gave me an original pattern entry after I entered the pattern, this also would’ve been unnecessary if you gave my a traffic direction on the original clearance.

  4. Once I began to turn base, you gave me a pattern entry to enter left base which was unnecessary.

  5. You forgot to give me a landing clearance.

6a. You did not give me an exit runway command which is usually fine but as highlighted in 6b you made an issue.

6b. As I was exiting the runway, you gave me the “please expedite” command which was incorrect as you never gave me an exit runway command. On those commands, there is a please expedite option.

If you study these things, I see good potential.

Yeah there was some things, for that first one I forgot to press send

But i can clearly remember that I did

Welp, I’ll go watch the replay

welp, im not sure im pretty sure that I did

those are some conflicting statements, but you didn’t.

well, it seems we have a battle then, im still online and I went throught havin a look at my messages and I gave you permission for the option, and then to land

hmm, not sure captain. I’ll send the screenshots. The option was given but not the landing

@Cpt_Zorndy Once you close up, check the replay

I think something is wrong or some message was deleted because I cant find your request to land, ill keep trying to find where it is

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I didn’t request to land as It isn’t needed in the pattern.

Hey I was BLOCKED…

There’s definitely alot of stuff to work on

  1. Make sure to explore the commands in the misc menu, for example when i requested freq change in the ground, that’s where you can push “duplicate frequency change” which tells the pilot they were already told to change frequency

  2. You Should work on what is called “anticipated separation” which is basically understanding how far out a plane is on final and getting out planes for takeoff before the final gets to the RWY.

  3. You never gave me a pattern direction when I requested takeoff remaining in the pattern.

  4. Once i was in the air you never cleared me for the option, that’s why I kept reporting my position

  5. When someone requests departure from your airspace, immediately after that command you can give them a freq change

  6. When I requested transition you gave me 10,000 which is way way to high. Transition altitude is always 2500ft AAL, that’s to accommodate the pattern altitude of 1000ft AAL for GA and 1500AAL for jets plus the required 1000ft separation. So for NZAA the correct answer would be 2500 or 3000 at the highest

  7. When I called inbound to land you just cleared me to land number 1 when there was already a plane on LDW for 23L. You should have given me a pattern entry mixed with a sequence followed by a landing clearance.


definitely was lacking in alot of areas. I recommend watching the YouTube videos on how to control. And most importantly KEEP PRACTICING. I’ll try and come by the next time I see you are open.

Good luck :)

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oh sorry oof, all I can see is the confirmation to land

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well nvm then, its not relevant anymore

Here is the most important tutorial that you could have;

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VNLK is definitely not the place you want to open due to lack of runways, improper terrain for patterns, and just no.

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