Cpt_Zorndy's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread. Details on my current location will be below -

Active Runways:
Server: Training

Feel Free To Come Along!

Where Should I Control Next?

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Coming in a bit

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Cool! See You There.

If your still open I might come along

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Yes im open, is that you Captain Noah?

Now Open At NZAA

Alright I’ll come stop by, any aircraft preference?

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not really

I’m 15 minutes out. I’ll soon contact approach.

I wish i had approach online

Yeah, I’m nearby

Dragon 344 I suppose?

As usual :)

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just about to say that

I didn’t check my W + B before takeoff so I’m above MLW

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Yeah my C/G is off so I’ll have to land bumpy

have fun then


We don’t talk about that. It was a good approach, just too fast.

ok, I will never mention that again