Cpt_Zorndy’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello IFC :)

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread on the training server, my location and dentals will be below :)

Airport -
Runways -

I will be open for around 30 mins or so, feel free to come along :)

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Open At NZCH!

Hey @Cpt_Zorndy - I was the Citation X flying the pattern for you. I would suggest you take a look at this ATC Tutorial on Sequencing.

Once you cleared me for takeoff, you never sequenced me or provided landing clearances for the traffic in the pattern. It might good for you to watch all the tutorials on YouTube before your next session!

Good luck and good practicing.

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Hi there, thanks for hosting the session. So just a couple of feedbacks for the session.

  • Always accommodate with runway change especially when there is not much traffic in the airsapce

  • You failed to sequence aircrafts in the pattern, remember to sequence aircrafts before you give out clearances


Open At NZWN

Feel free to come along :)

How long you open for? I looooove NZ and try to attend any event or function in NZ. 😂😁

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Around 30 minutes, really depends on traffic flow :) so are you coming along?

I will try to, I’ll let you know. :)

Hmm, things are looking like I can’t, sorry. :/

Will you open again later today? I should be available from 2020-04-13T23:30:00Z onward.

I might do, not sure thou

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I’ll be open for 30 mins or so

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A-LOPEZ feedback :
Thanks for opening and sorry about NP69D7 , idk what about his pattern work:

  • Try to open an airport with parallel runways
  • Late clearance, try to clear on late crosswind, early downdind as ultime option.
  • Unnecesary maintain best forward speed on N38MA, more than enough space.
  • Low transittion altitud, 3000ft was better.
  • Thanks for closing (ja)

Learn more reading the Atc Manual and seeing tutorials on youtube channels.

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oh look above, he has the right feedback

You wouldn’t maintain distance with me

Ok thanks for the feedback, I’m not sure what ended up happening in the end

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Wdym? You told me to do 360s then you never cleared me? Maybe my game was lagging

You turn base as same time that me, when your sequence was number 2 ;)

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No I turned after you did

I still was number two but then I went around

No you both basically turned at the same time as you were pretty close to him

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