Cpt Stephan

Hi there everybody,

Amidst everything going on, I just wanted to thank an ATC controller today for being excellent. This was on the training server so not always expected, however Cpt Stephan, who was controlling the approach to EGLL was excellent, providing detailed instructions to each approaching aircraft in a busy airspace! Thank you very much! Seb


Sounds like he was enjoying his skills!

I can’t easily find a community account for him. I hope he reads this for sure though, knowing someone appreciates his works!


Every now and then you are really impressed with level of skill someone has despite your original view of training server. So wherever you are Cpt Stephan, thanks! ☺️ I think it’s really nice how we appreciate people in these times as a virtual pat on back really helps. Hopefully we are all fine
take care and happy flying / controlling ✈

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